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Featured Pose:  Chakravakasana

Chakravakasana is one of the most basic poses in yoga. It is quite diverse in the many variations which one can adapt it to for their personal needs. 

Take a look at this simple Chakravakasana sequence designed for easing stress in the low back area and calming the breath.

When practicing a pose (Asana) or group of poses in order for a specific purpose (sequence), remember that proper breathing is just as important as the pose itself for getting the full benefit of each pose. 

This sequence can be done for the purpose of relaxing emotional tension, to relax muscular tension in the back, to encourage focus, to lengthen and realign the spine, among others.

* Disclaimer
Yoga requires your complete attention. You are responsible for your own practice and knowing what is right for your body, breath and mind in the present moment. It is recommended that you practice with the guidance of a teacher you trust before trying more challenging postures on your own. You will not reach enlightenment any quicker by achieving the most pretzel-like pose you can find or through pain and injury! For some, stillness is the most challenging pose. Follow your instincts. Listen to your body and breath, they tell you a lot. Thank you for respecting your current abilities and treating your body with respect.

Copyright 2006 Rebecca Robbins